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Greater Chennai Police deployed nearly 300 police officers along a stretch of Marina Beach in Kamaragarh Salai on Tuesday, anticipating protests on the beach in connection with the death of a Class 12 girl at a private school in Kanyamore district of Chinasalem in Klacorechi, Tamil Nadu. According to Live law, the father moved the High Court with a request to include a doctor of their choice in the panel set up by the High Court to re-autopsy the girl. It was also rejected by the Supreme Court.

The Tamil Nadu government on Monday announced an energy tariff increase for TANGEDCO consumers proposing an increase of 27.50 rupees (per month) for those using up to 200 units and 65 pounds per unit increase for railways and educational institutions.

Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji said there would be no change in the scheme to provide free electricity for up to 100 units, and claimed that the increase was inevitable to reduce the escalating debts of the state electricity utility.

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