Chandigarh: Parents hesitant, schools want more time

Parents expressed reluctance to vaccinate their children and urged schools to allow online mode of education for unvaccinated students.

Meanwhile, private schools, most of those who have decided not to go ahead with hybrid mode (offline plus online education) want the Chandigarh administration to redirect its orders preventing and postponing unvaccinated children from attending classes.

H.S. Mamik, Chairman of the Association of Independent Schools (ISA), Chandigarh has stated that the administration should give time at least until 20 May.

The schools will provide vaccination camps but we need more time for that. Students cannot be vaccinated in just five days. At least until May 20, time must be given. Furthermore, no school promotes online classes and we also want students to attend classes physically.”

On the other hand, parents are reluctant to vaccinate.

Nitin Goyal, Chair of Parents’ Association in Chandigarh, said, “The reality is that parents are reluctant to vaccinate their children. They are not comfortable with the view that their wards are not safe. Instead, they should be given more time to understand that the vaccine is safe. But to say that children are Banned from attending fitness classes is not done.”

He stated that they had sent two requests to the Director of School Education and the Minister of Education in Chandigarh regarding online classes for unvaccinated school children.

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