‘Centenary chance’ for ex-DU students to complete degrees: 1,560 apply in 19 days

Delhi University (DU) has also decided to give an opportunity to its former students To complete their score As part of its centenary celebrations, up to 1,560 people have already registered in the first 19 days.

The registration deadline is June 15th.

According to data shared by the Examinations Branch of DU University, out of 1,560 registrations, 1,030 students filled out the form and 720 students paid their fees. The oldest student registered to date is from the 1977-1980 class of ARSD College, who applied for a B Com. The university did not disclose more details.

DU said that the maximum number of students were applying for undergraduate program courses.

Earlier, in a notice, Registrar Vikas Gupta said the exams will take place during October 2022 and March 2023 and will be conducted through physical mode only.

“Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who have completed their coursework and established statutory requirements to complete the course and have the basic repetition (ER)/failed according to their final year mark sheet (ER can be in any semester/year), should be considered for this centenary opportunity, Subject to the permissibility of the regulatory body governing relevant professional courses,” Gupta said.

According to the guidelines, students can appear “a maximum of four papers for the annual placement and up to eight papers for the semester outline.”

The outline of the examination must be prevalent/applicable at the time of admission to the course. Gupta added that the centenary chance will be conducted only for theoretical and practical examination and not for internal evaluation.

Exam fee for Centennial Chance will be Rs 2,000 per paper and Masters and PhD students will not be considered.

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