Celebrations of Modi Govt’s 8 Years on Agenda, Union Ministers to Meet at BJP HQ on May 25 for Final Plan

The BJP organizes meetings with Union Ministers, Ministers of State and Ministers of State (Independent Officials) on 25 May at the party headquarters in the national capital.

Among those present at the meeting were Party Chairman JP Nada, Federal Home Minister Amit Shah and General Secretary of BL Santosh.

The sources claimed that the meeting is scheduled to delegate tasks and departments to the ministers to organize events marking the eight years of the Narendra Modi government.

“The agenda is how to reach the people and the beneficiaries to tell them about the work done by the Modi government in its eight-year tenure. The source added that each minister will be given at least four constituencies in the Lok Sabha to ensure that the people are aware of the welfare tasks of the government.”

The BJP will celebrate the birthday of the Modi government from May 30 to June 15 under the slogan “Sewa, Sushchan and Garib Kalyan”.

At the meeting of office officials held in Jaipur on May 20, a roadmap was prepared for taking the government report card to the people.

Three statements were made and passed at the meeting on Friday, one of which was how to celebrate eight years of the Modi government. The statement was presented by Dushyant Gautam, National Secretary General.

The statement said that “History will remember Narendra Modi as the most sympathetic Prime Minister” as he records various schemes such as Ayushman Bharat and Ujjwala for women, and foreign policy with “India First” at its core. Work in aspirational areas was also mentioned along with how the government would establish regional balance.

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