‘Celebrate, your way’: Instagram shares woman’s viral video on Pride Month | Trending

Pride Month’s viral video posted on Instagram has won people’s hearts.

LGBTQIA + communities around the world celebrate Pride Month in June each year and reflect on the struggles they have embraced and experienced. Different posts shared on different social media platforms show that there is no way to celebrate the month. Just like this video of Australian content creators illustrating this idea beautifully.

The video, originally posted by Content Creator, caught the attention of people after it was posted on Instagram’s official page on the platform. “Celebrate your way. For Emma Horn, there’s no way to celebrate Pride Month, ”reads the shared video caption.

Moreover, the title also includes a reference to Horn. “‘I learned the dimensions of everyone’s self-expression and’ pride ‘differently,” says the creator of Brisbane, Australia. “We all deserve to feel safe and loved not only in June but in our daily lives,” it reads.

The video opens to show the content creator wearing a colorful outfit. It also includes text inserts, “Pride may look like this. But sometimes we look like that.”

Watch the amazing video below to see what it still shows:

The video was shared six days ago on Instagram and has since garnered 14.2 million views. The video has received many likes and comments.

“Damn you!” Instagram users commented. “I love it,” posted another with a heart emoticon and a flag of pride. “Love it,” shared a third. Many Instagram users have displayed their responses with the help of emoticons.

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