CCTV Footage of Violent Scenes at Stade de France destroyed

After a security failure at the Stade de France in last month’s Champions League final, the French Football Federation (FFF) revealed that CCTV footage of the events had been destroyed.

According to reports, fans were treated rough, tear gas, pepper spray and attacked by local youth during the final match between Liverpool and Real Madrid on May 28. Fans for coming late.

Social media was flooded with footage of the incident that forced UEFA to issue a half-hearted apology six days later.

Days later, the episode took a sharp turn after the French Senate investigating the fiasco over the destruction of CCTV footage was heard. French law states that it must be destroyed within seven days unless it is subject to an order from the judicial authorities.

“We are surprised,” the Senate committee co-chair was quoted by AFP, adding that an investigation had been opened the day after the match.

“There was plenty of time to request (the photos). We need to understand what happened.”

Lafon added that the stadium disaster appeared to be an “accumulation of dysfunction” linked to a “lack of preparation”.

Meanwhile, Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotheram was questioned after “the French Football Federation delegation failed to understand why the videos were destroyed”.

Senate leader, Bruno Ritaello, added, “Everything leads to the belief that we deliberately let the opposition’s bargaining chip be destroyed.”

However, French police said later on Thursday that they still had video footage from the stadium on the day of the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid on May 28. The Paris police chief also acknowledged the “failure” of security operations at the stadium. The Champions League final last month.

It clearly failed. It was a failure because people were pushed and attacked. “It is a failure because the country’s image has been tarnished,” Didier Lamente told a commission of inquiry into the fiasco in the French Senate.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin blamed “industrial scale” ticket fraud and the presence of 30,000-40 thousand people with or without fake tickets for causing a stir before the match.

This figure has been widely disputed since then by witnesses and the media using images from the ground.

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