CBI rejects Punjab Police claim of seeking red corner notice against Goldy Brar 10 days before Sidhu Moosewala murder

The CBI said it had received an email from the Bureau of Investigation, Punjab Police, with a letter attached on May 19 about Goldi Prair only on May 30, the day after Musiwala was shot dead on May 29.

A detailed CBI statement read: “The motion to issue a Red Notice (RCN) against Satyendirjit Singh alias Goldie was received on May 30 at 12:25 pm from Punjab Police Bureau of Investigation via email. In this email dated 05-30- 2022, I attached a copy of the letter dated May 19, 2022. Also, a hard copy of the same proposal was received from Punjab Police at IPCU, CBI, New Delhi on May 30, 2022. Until this request was received at IPCU CBI on May 30, 2022 , while according to information in (the) public domain, () the murder of Shri Sidhu Moose Wala occurred on May 29, 2022.”

Punjab police did not present the full facts to the media yesterday (Wednesday). There was no delay on our part. In my FIR against Goldie Prair, the police had already filed indictments several months ago. Punjab Police started the red corner notice process after at least seven months. After processing the confirmation of prerequisites, the red corner notice proposal was urgently sent to INTERPOL (headquarters), Lyon (France) on 2 June,” a CBI officer said, on condition of anonymity.

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“As per the above proposal of Punjab Police, Red Notice Notice (RCN) request relates to two Punjab Police cases during 2020 and 2021 with FIR No. Faridkot City, Faridkot District (Punjab).

“The International Police Cooperation Unit (IPCU) at CBI, New Delhi, coordinates requests from sister law enforcement agencies for informal coordination through INTERPOL, including requests for the issuance of color notices. IPCU, CBI verifies eligibility requests against INTERPOL’s data processing rules until the request is complete The notifications are issued early. The final issuance of the notifications is made by INTERPOL (HQ), Lyon (France) in line with ( ) data processing rules.

A CBI statement said a red-corner notice request against gangster-turned-terrorist Harwinder Singh Sandhu known as Rinda Shri Harwinder Singh Rinda has been sent to INTERPOL’s headquarters in Lyon.

The Iraqi Central Bureau further stated that INTERPOL channels are used for informal international police cooperation and that a red-corner notice is neither mandatory nor a prerequisite for sending an extradition request, more so when the location of the subject is known.

She added that the CBI assists all law enforcement agencies in the matter of international cooperation and is committed to providing assistance in the best possible way through various international channels.

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