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An amazing video was posted on Reddit showing a cat taking care of a golden retriever puppy.

A sweet moment featuring a cat, a mama dog and her pup is winning hearts on the internet. A heartwarming video shows a cat caring for a crying golden retriever puppy. A wonderful video is likely to melt your heart into a puddle.

The clip was originally posted on TikTok. However, it caught people’s attention after it was re-shared on Reddit. “Well… looks like you’ve got this. I’ll take a nap!” Mama reads the caption posted with the video, imagining what the cat would say to the dog. The video’s text insert explains that the cat is named Fig and the mama dog’s name is Olive.

The video opens to show a small golden retriever lying on the ground and screaming. The cat is seen sitting next to it and within moments, the kitty starts kissing the little one. It’s amazing to watch the puppy mom’s reaction as she stands behind them and watches the amazing moment. At the end of the video, the cat hugs the puppy, as the mama dog is probably going away to get some sleep while her friend babysits and takes care of her baby.

Watch the video:

The video was shared about 21 hours ago. Since being posted, the clip has garnered nearly 27,000 votes. The post also garnered tons of comments from people. He couldn’t stop commenting on the cuteness of the moment shown in the video.

“When you finally find a good babysitter and can take some time for yourself,” a Reddit user posted. “Mama Doggo looks very tired and very grateful at the end. Melts my heart,” commented another. “I love how the cat looks at the mother like, ‘Are you going to handle this?’ Then flip down ‘fine’ to handle it. Lol so cute,” expressed a third. “I think Olive is a tired parent, she needs a break,” wrote a fourth.

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