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Capricorn (December 22-January 21)The beginning of the day is likely to give you mixed results. On the one hand, you improve your performance in the workplace that reflects positive support from your elders. On the other hand, married couples may have problems in their relationship and may have egotistical conflicts. You have to be careful in your words. Do not play words that will hurt the feelings of others. Do not make promises that you cannot sustain. They are advised to keep a close watch on their children’s health. The day you are likely to get substantial monetary benefits. Some of you may inherit ancestral property or take advantage of it. Embarking on a journey during this period provides you with monetary benefits and benefits. On the social front, an old friend approaches you to clarify some misconceptions. Be more forgiving than dragging the subject and leaving the ego on the way.

Capricorn finance today You tend to save money and invest in traditional investment plans. Those in business should be able to make a profitable deal in the middle of the day. Loan applications can move faster.

Capricorn Family today There are signs of childbirth for those planning to expand their family. Children do well in their studies and if they are older their careers will see a positive direction. Do not ignore any diseases in children and take care of your children’s health.

Capricorn career today Those working in the field of media and public relations are more likely to get favorable results than usual during the day. Professionally, you are likely to meet some influential people during the day.

Capricorn is health today Health is great because you can quickly recover from whatever illness you are facing. Despite consistent health, you can be very moody and emotionally drained. Meditate with your past and meditate to get better.

Capricorn Love Life Today Couples in a committed relationship may have problems understanding each other. It is advisable to be patient and give each other ample time and space. There may be some problems in the marital life. When talking to your spouse you are advised to maintain your speech.

The lucky number: 6

Lucky color: White

By: Manisha Kaushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

(Astrologer, Palmist, Statistician and Architect)


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