Calcutta HC Dismisses TMC Leader’s Plea Against 2021 Election Result Over Bangladeshi Citizenship

The Calcutta High Court has rejected a petition by Trinamool Congress leader Alu Rani Sarkar to challenge the result of the Pangaon Dakchin constituency election in West Bengal 2021 elections on the grounds that her name is also appearing on the voters list in neighboring Bangladesh.

Sarkar had lost the election to BJP’s Swapan Majumdar by just over 2,000 votes and challenged the poll result in Kolkata HC. The Supreme Court rejected her petition, saying on Friday that Sarkar cannot declare herself an Indian citizen because India’s laws do not allow dual citizenship.

One judicial body of Justice Bibek Chaudhry also requested the Election Commission to take the necessary measures against the leader of the Transitional Military Council depending on her status as a citizen.

“The Court has come to this conclusion that the Petitioner filed the Electoral Petition claiming to be an Indian Citizen. She submitted nomination papers as an Indian Citizen. She challenged the Election as an Indian. In the month of June 2021, her request to have her name removed from the electoral register of Bangladesh was under consideration before the relevant authority of the Election Commission of Bangladesh,” a report in Indian Express Quoting the ruling.

On Twitter on Saturday, West Bengal Assembly opposition leader Suvindu Adhikari cited the Calcutta HC ruling to accuse the ruling Transitional Military Council of “helping illegal Bengali immigrants to settle” in the state.

“TMC outdone itself this time!!! …TMC leaders are notorious for helping illegal Bangladeshi immigrants settle in the West Bank and obtain voter ID cards to increase their voter base. “But choosing a candidate who is not even an Indian is unprecedented,” said Adhikari, who defeated Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of Nandigram in the assembly election.

The BJP leader added that he expected action from the Election Commission on the issue.

According to a report in Hindustan TimesLawyers for BJP Swapan Majumdar told the court that the petitioner’s husband, Dr Harendra Nath Sarkar, was a professor of medicine at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College in Barizal, Bangladesh. The defendant reportedly showed the court a copy of Alu Rani Sarkar’s alleged Bangladeshi national identity card.

Meanwhile, Sarkar’s lawyers reportedly told the court that she was born in Hooghly district of Bengal in 1969 and became a Bangladeshi citizen after marrying in 1980. They added that she returned to India after separating from her husband.

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