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Dealing with bureaucracies is not their cup of tea. Uddhav Thackeray held no public office until he became chief minister in November 2019. This lack of experience dominated the administration of the Nationalist Congress Party and the Congress, with heavyweight ministers and key accounts.

Shiv Sena chiefs have always been criticized by party legislators for failing to address the problems they face in dealing with the administration.

“We are not getting paid to work in our constituencies … Government officials are not listening to us,” Sanjay Shirzat, one of the rebel lawmakers, wrote to Thackeray on June 22. The Eknath Shinde faction revealed the letter on Thursday.

Several military officers spoke to HT and had similar complaints. His displeasure was that the administration was not responding to the NCP and Congress legislators as liability.

“The reality is that the NCP and Congress have veteran and heavyweight ministers who know how to work the bureaucracy. All the major departments we have to deal with – home [which governs police]Finance, Co-operation [which governs cooperation sector]And rural development [which supervises functioning of district councils in rural areas] The NCP is involved with income and public works [which repairs and builds public infrastructure]And power [which governs electricity distribution network] Congress is with. Most of our work is in these departments and those ministers are not cooperating with us. These parties are our opponents in our constituencies as we have allied with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and won the assembly elections, ”said a Shiv Sena MLA from Thackeray.

“When our legislators wanted to take their grievances to the chief ministers, it was difficult to contact them or, even though we broadcast the grievances, they did not assert their authority to address them. Many of us feel that the lack of experience in the administration of the state and the lack of control over bureaucracy are issues, ”he said.

The choice of Thackeray’s officers and their reliance on certain officials became a matter of debate in the bureaucracy. To begin with, several IAS / IPS officers who were in key positions were not removed for some time after the government took over. Later, his insistence that Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta give him extensions and then appoint him as a consultant in the chief minister’s office did not go well with his allies.

On the other hand, former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis still has respect in the administration. “It is a secret that a large number of IAS and IPS officers are in touch with them. A senior official has requested anonymity so that it is not difficult for Fadnavis to corrupt the government on various issues or to plan his political campaign against Maharashtra’s Vikas Aghadi.

For example, in the case of Antilia blasts or the assassination of Mansukh Hiran, Fadnavis shocked the government in the assembly when he showed that he had more information than Thackeray or the then Home Minister Anil Deshmukh.

“There have been many instances when Fadnavis has suggested something or raised an issue, and ministers look for a response because their secretaries are unaware of the matter,” said one NCP lawmaker who did not wish to be named.

More recently, Thackeray or his aides were unaware that their minister was conspiring and planning to hijack his party. In general, the intelligence unit of the state police keeps a close watch on political activities.

At first, Thackeray had to work from his home because of the epidemic and later his health problems. This made Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar a parallel power center in the government.

The junior minister of Congress said, “The central government is important to all India service officers like IAS or IPS because their service matters are regulated by it. With the feeling that Fadnavis is keeping a close watch on what is happening in the government, these officials are not ready to do what we expected – either to investigate cases of irregularities in the BJP-led regime or to initiate some action against the BJP authorities.

Now that the MVA government is facing uncertainty, the administration is watching with keen interest. Officials are expecting a massive restructuring if Fadnavis returns as chief minister. “Some of the officials who follow what the MVA leadership wants to do are worried that the music might be confronted,” a senior ministry official said.

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