Buddha, ‘karmabhoomi’ & Covid vaccine: Top points Modi covered at diaspora event | Latest News India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora in Tokyo on Monday amidst his name and ‘Jai Sri Ram’ slogans. Japan will play a big role in India’s development journey, he said. The Prime Minister made these statements during a two-day visit to the backdrop of the Quad Summit taking place in the island nation.

In his opening remarks, the prime minister said, “Every time I visit Japan, I get immense love and it continues to grow.”

Here are the top quotes from their address at the event:

  • India and Japan are natural partners… Our relationship with Japan includes intimacy, spirituality, cooperation and
  • We Indians attach to our ‘Karmabhoomi’ (land of work) with all our hearts but the love of our ‘Mother Earth’ (Mother Earth) will never fade. We cannot get away from our homeland. This is one of our biggest strengths, ‘
  • India is fortunate enough to receive the blessings of Gautama Buddha. Our relationship with Japan is Buddha … knowledge and meditation.
  • Today’s world needs to take the path shown by Lord Buddha. The only way to save humanity from all the challenges it faces today is violence, anarchy, terrorism, climate change.
  • The coronavirus (coronavirus epidemic) has caused the world’s biggest crisis in 100 years. When it started, no one knew what would happen next. No one knew whether its vaccine was coming or not. But when vaccines were developed, India sent medicines and vaccines to countries in need.
  • Today, the world is realizing the speed and scale with which India is building its infrastructure and capacity. Japan is a key partner in building this capability of ours.

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