BTS: V says he’ll get friendship tattoo with Jungkook, sings Jimin’s With You

BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung opened up about friendship tattoos and talked about Jungkook’s latest song, My You for Army, while interacting with fans during a live session. Taking to V Live on Monday, V sang several songs and watched Proof Live with fans. During the live session, V revealed that after he finished pre-recording the mockdown, he came to interact with the fans. (Also Read | Proof Live: BTS performance with ‘Special Guest’ on the group’s debut 9th anniversary, talk about their ‘best moments’. View)

Speaking of Friendship Tattoo, Twitter user @BTStranslation_ translated V, “I still haven’t got a” 7 “tattoo. I’m going to do it with Jungkook. ” When a fan suggested that he have a tattoo on his left finger, he said, ‘I thought about it.’ Recently, RM revealed that he had a tattoo on his leg, but eagle-eyed fans discovered that Jimin had tattooed it on his finger.

Speaking of Jungkook’s new song My You, released just before BTS’s ninth anniversary, V said, “Jungkook song? I heard Jungkook song about a month ago … that’s great. Let’s hear his song once? He’s done this song well !!” He sang My You and then Jimin’s OST debut song, With You, Our Blues. He said, “Our blues … To be honest, I cried at the end of every episode from the 13th, 14th episode. Is this a show I don’t think will come out again?” After asking fans, “Do you want me to turn on Run BTS?” He started singing the song.

@modooborahae also took to the V ‘Bangtan Don’t Laugh for 22 Minutes’ Challenge video as he tweeted. He said, “Come on everyone and if you’re ready, say ‘yes’ to the Weverse. Oh, are you ready? Go to ‘Try to laugh BTS version for 20 minutes’. What movie / clip did you say was fun? Hangul day special? Episode 86? But is it mythical? I certainly don’t laugh. All right, let’s go. What kind of expression can we have? We cannot show our teeth. The vibe is already funny. Isn’t my hair more ‘don’t challenge’? ”

BTS members watched the screening of the actor Gang Dong-wan and the broker. I really liked how he came to my Las Vegas concert and I thanked him so I went to him. He’s my role model. I have a lot of role models. But he’s my hometown. Beautiful. “

BTS ‘V Proof Live started live an hour ago and when fans asked to watch it with them, they said, “I don’t think it’s possible. I just got fired … But should I go home?” Let’s go together. I’m going to watch it but since there are only people with a phone … please go (Proof Live) soon. “

Previously he said, “Now all the pre-recording of the concert is over. Since we have proof at 9 pm, I thought I was going to be live. Shortly after Proof Live started, V signed off on his live session.

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