BTS’ RM reveals his different personas ‘sometimes comes as heavy burden’

BTS leader RM, ahead of the group’s forthcoming album Proof, has revealed that they have chosen the introduction to the compilation: Person and Stay. Taking to Twitter on Friday, RM has talked about his different personalities, Kim Namjoon is a man, family member and friend, and RM musician. The rapper said that sometimes these multiple personalities feel a ‘heavy burden’. However, although this surprised him, he realized that it was all these guys. (Also Read | BTS: Jungkook reveals that he likes ‘whatever the songs are’ when they sing with the group and connect with ARMY.)

RM, in the video, also shared pictures of him clicking at concerts and his selfies. The members also added photos of them as they performed. RM added several pictures of him posing in front of several colorful rocks.

In the video, RM said, “Introduction on our compilation album: I thought it would be very good if the guy and Stay went, proof. Introduction: Persona ‘Who am I!’ So I’ve been thinking a lot about it since our debut and now we’re running at full speed. I have so many different personalities: there’s Kim Namjoon as a man, Kim Namjoon as a family member and friend, and then there’s RM who makes music. “

He added, “I have all these different things, so sometimes it comes as a heavy burden and sometimes I wonder who I am. But in the end, I find myself switching between all these guys. Quote) I think my proof is in any mess. “

A fan who responded to the video wrote, “Introducing Kim Namjoon with all sorts of” I’s “: Personality and we choose to stay because of all the members and the army staying with them no matter what” my “they are! Love you Kim Namjoon.” “Namjoon, you are so deep in your lyrics that it touches me so much. Thank you,” the fan commented. “He shot the show in the desert ???” Another fan asked.

One person tweeted, “Thank you #RM for sharing your journey of self discovery and realization. It saved me. You saved me with the comfort of your literature and BTS. Thanks for giving me your pieces, I can build it myself. I’m always with you BTS.” In a tweet, “You” I “Whoever We Are, We’ll Be With You, June.”

Some keen-eyed fans found videos of some members performing for dessert for proof. A fan shared the collage and asked, “‘If we are together, the desert will be the sea’. Is this an MV or performance part?” Am I so excited to see this? “Another Twitter user said,” I really think we’re getting mv off the mv yet to come!?!?!?!?!?! What do you think Omg. “

Currently, BTS members are preparing to release their new album on June 10th. Testimony includes old and new songs, Run BTS, Born Singer, Still To Come, Run, I Need You, Fire, Fake Love, Persona, Jamies, Vu, Seesaw, Moon, NO, Boy in Luv, IDOL, Danger, Dynamite, Life Goes On and Butter etc.

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