BTS: RM reveals ‘7’ tattoo; ARMY convinced all seven got friendship tattoos

As BTS releases its new album Proof on Friday, Band Leader RM took to its Instagram account to share the news with its followers. He shared a screenshot of the album’s new songs on Instagram Stories, along with “We’re all here.” In the following story, he surprised his fans when he shared a picture of his new ankle tattoo, which reads ‘7’. Read More | BTS new album Proof Out Now: Watch the music video yet to come

ARMY took to Twitter to share tattoo pictures, which RM pays tribute to their seven-member band. 7 is the name of the band’s 2020 album. Fans are convinced that other members of the K-pop group should also have received similar tattoos, which they have discussed on several occasions in the past.

“We’re talking about friendship tattoos forever. We’ll do it one day. Please look forward to that.” Let’s do it. Or just tattoo the number seven. But if we’re actually doing it, I’d like to do it on foot. You know, it’s simple. ”RM went with his last idea and tattooed the number seven on his foot.

The army has filled Twitter with comments about the tattoo. One commented, “OMG he has 7 tattoos,” while another commented, “He finally did it.” The third wrote, “OMGGG friendship tattoo. I’m screaming, crying.” Another said, “They did it wildly. They got tattooed.”

BTS will soon be celebrating the ninth anniversary of its debut. To mark the occasion on June 13, they will be performing their album Proof live, for which they will be joined by a ‘special guest’.

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