BTS makes crucial impact in Money Heist Korea: From Tokyo dancing to DNA to its concert in Pyongyang

opening sequence Money theft in Korea Hold the eyeballs. No, it wasn’t just because fans were looking forward to returning to the world of the Professor and his gang. Fans are also celebrating because BTS has lifted the curtains on the popular Spanish Netflix show.

Money Heist: Korea – CEA brought back key characters from the original movie, including Tokyo. But this time, it wasn’t a runaway petite thief, but a student from Kim Il Sung University in North Korea. It is an army! In the first scene of the show, Lee Hong-dan aka Tokyo (Jeon Jong-seo) dances to the lyrics of BTS DNA on her headphones as she descends the stairs.

Money heist clips in Korea Tokyo Ryo Tokyo and Rio in a still image of money theft in Korea. (Photo: Netflix)

“Don’t look back, because we found our destiny,” the lyrics serve as the perfect prelude to what lies ahead in Tokyo and the series. Like the proverbial silence before a storm, the creators rope in BTS’s track to introduce a North Korean character who suggests how the Korean peninsula can be divided, yet still relates to music and the band.

Tokyoin her voice introduces herself, “K-pop fans are called ARMY. They have members all over the world. Of course, there’s an army in North Korea too. It was second nature to me. Since I was a kid, I watched K-dramas, and I’ve always been I listen to K-pop.

Tokyo bts money heist korea Actor Jeon Jong-seo (Tokyo) appears dancing to BTS oDNA.

From her college steps to her carefree dance in her bedroom, Tokyo is like a typical teen who doesn’t want to reveal her rebellious side and that she’s from the military.

BTS Fans and ARMY haven’t kept their cool since they saw BTS influence Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. They flooded social media with reactions and videos.

BTS is a global phenomenon, and no boundaries can limit its reach. No wonder, the pop band was once again chosen while referring to a BTS concert in Pyongyang, North Korea. Tickets are completely sold out. The cultural exchange between the two countries is happening much faster than expected, says an announcer. This is regarding the plan to unify North and South Korea in view and its social and political implications.

This isn’t the first time BTS has received a reference in a K-drama. The band also mentioned shows like Goblin, Penthouse, Lovestruck In The City, Crash Landing On You, Vincenzo, Melting Me Softly, The King: Eternal Great Monarch, Sisyphus, and Record of Youth.

Money Heist Korea was released on June 24 and received mostly positive reviews. Although maintaining the basic structure of the story like its Spanish counterpart, La Casa De Papel, it introduced many new plots and unique backgrounds to many of the characters, all to its advantage.

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