BTS leaves space for Suga in photo from J-Hope’s Jack In The Box pre-release party as rapper falls ill: ‘Always 7’

It’s always seven– Regardless of whether all 7 BTS members are present or not. Recently, J-Hope shared several pictures from the pre-release concert for his album Jack In The Box. While RM, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook were present, Suga couldn’t make it happen because he had a fever the day before. However, J-Hope tagged him in the photo, reminding fans of the months that Suga had to take a break from the group due to his shoulder surgery. Back then, the members tirelessly provided space for Suga at every concert, group hug, and mentioned him in every speech, saying that their victories would not have been achieved without him.

One fan wrote, “Can’t handle Hobi tagging Yoongi and Joon reaching out for him.” Another fan shared previous photos where the group left space for Suga for their group hug and wrote, “BAangtan will always leave room for Yoongi. “

J-Hope and Suga share a close friendship, a bond that ARMY refers to as “Sope”. Prior to the album’s release, Suga wrote a post for ARMY saying, “Suddenly I had a fever since yesterday morning..^^
I didn’t come because I was afraid I had the virus so I was getting tested for it TT I feel so sorry TT
Fortunately, I’m back to normal body temperature, so please don’t worry too much.” J-Hope added, “I love you brother. Don’t get sick. “

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box album was released on July 15 and the rapper is ready to go to Lollapalooza.

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