Brother-in-law killed retd army havildar in Gurugram over financial dispute, arrested: Police

Gurugram: A retired Army hawaldar who was shot dead at his residence in the Basai enclave in Sector 10 on Monday wanted to avoid repaying his brother-in-law’s loan. 1.5 lakh, police said on Wednesday.

According to police, Naveen Kumar, 21, was arrested from a hotel in Rohtak on Tuesday evening. TThe pistol and four living cartridges used in the murder have been seized from Kumar.

On June 26, Harvinder Kataria (37), who retired eight months ago, was sleeping in the bedroom with his wife Sarita (34), their 10-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son, but Kumar slept. On the couch on the floor beside his bed, Kumar woke up around midnight and shot Kataria in the point blank range, police said.

Kumar then escaped on Kataria’s motorcycle around 12.45pm on Monday. Investigators said Sarita was awakened by the gunfire and identified her brother with a pistol.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Preet Pal Sangwan said Kumar Kataria had planned to kill him about a month ago. Kumar had illegally purchased a countrywide pistol 40,000 to shoot Kataria as he was constantly pressured to return the money.

“Soon they bought a rustic pistol 40,000 and arranged ammunition. Kataria arrived at his home in Dighal on June 26, from his hometown of Jhajjar, in order to kill him, ”he said.

“We have borrowed money,” Sangwan Kumar said 1.5 lakh from Kataria to cover her sister’s wedding expenses six months ago.

“A former soldier started pressuring for a refund, which he could not do,” said ACP, who told police that Kataria wanted one of his family’s four-acre land in Dighal, which often leads to it. Disputes with his wife

Kumar was taken into custody for three days for further inquiries.

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