BJP’s downfall has begun in Haryana: Deepender

In a statement by Congress MP Deepinder Hooda, the BJP has never received less votes in civic body elections.

Congress MP Deepinder Hooda said on Thursday that the BJP’s political decline in Haryana has begun, with the party winning only 26% of the votes in the now concluded municipal elections.

In a statement from Rajya Sabha MPs, the BJP has never had such a low turnout in the civic body elections. Deeper said that 26% of the votes was a sign of the dwindling support of the BJP government in the state.

“There is no connection between the assembly and the civic polls,” he said. During the 2014 Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, Congress was leading the state’s municipal corporations, municipal councils and municipalities. However, the Congress lost the assembly elections. If the BJP gets just 26% of the votes in urban centers, anyone can imagine its status in the villages.

Congress MPs have said that people are disillusioned about the BJP-JJP coalition government. “This is the reason why many ministers, including the chief minister and deputy chief minister, are unable to win the party’s candidates. The BJP has lost three of the four municipalities in Karnal, the seat of CM Manohar Lal Khattar. The JJP candidate did not contest in the Uttar Pradesh constituency. ”

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