BJP youth worker murder: Killers were locals, not from Kerala, says Karnataka home minister Araga Jnanendra

Ginendra said in Shivamuga that the assassins of Nataro are from Dakshina Kannada district and they will be arrested within two or three days. He also said he had information that the accused were local youth belonging to one community and added that they were in contact with youth of the same community in Kerala. He said airports in southern India had been alerted.

BJP worker Yuva Morcha Nettaru was shot to death by two assailants on a bike in Bellari village in Dakshina Kannada district of the state on July 26. Police questioned more than 50 people in the vicinity and arrested Muhammad Shafiq, Zakir Savanor, Saddam, and Harris. Police sources said that they learned during interrogation that the killing was carried out to create fear among the local population.

Police suspect religious animosity may have played a role in Nitaro’s murder, following recent calls for a boycott of halal meat and issues such as a ban on headscarves in colleges. A police officer said, “Moreover, to avenge the murder of Masoud, who was killed a few days before Praveen was killed, the questions about why Praveen was targeted must be answered, and we find answers to these questions as well,” referring to the murder. A 19-year-old was murdered in Bellary on 20 July by a gang of eight men.

The case was handed over to the National Intelligence Agency.

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