BJP will lose 2023 polls despite removing Biplab Dev, says former Tripura CM Manik Sarkar

Tripura opposition leader Manek Sarkar conducted weapons training for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday, claiming that the Saffron Party’s top leadership was forced to sack former Prime Minister Biplap Dev due to the administration’s failure to deliver on ballot promises.

Sarkar asked voters to send a strong message to the BJP about its “failure” to provide “good governance”.

Addressing a crowd on the occasion of the state conference of the Center for Indian Trade Unions (CITU) in Agartala, Sarkar said that societal and corporate forces have advanced their agenda under the BJP regime with the support of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad. (VHP). He added that the liberal economic policies adopted by the center help to exploit the general public.

Claiming that the state of India is not good, the former Chief Minister of Tripura said that the country’s republican and democratic foundations were under relentless attacks during the past eight years of the Narendra Modi-led regime. Sarkar also claimed that the center failed to control inflation and create jobs, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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At the gathering on Saturday.

Speaking about the political situation in Tripura, Sarkar said that the BJP was forced to change the prime minister with only nine months left before the next General Assembly elections due to the lackluster performance of the government. He claimed that the change in the premiership was merely a distraction to restore the lost base of support.

The Prime Minister visited Tripura three times, the Union Home Minister twice and both paid tribute to the former Cabinet. If it’s doing really well, why was it suddenly removed? The real reason is the failure to perform and the lack of initiative in raising the standard of living of the common people. “The government is doing exactly the opposite of what it promised before the elections,” Sarkar said.

He added that the situation would not change under the new Prime Minister Dr. Manik Saha.

They collect data and also feel that if elections were held now, they would win five to seven seats at best. Some other estimates put the BJP between 15 and 17 seats. They changed CM’s face to manage the situation. We’re touring different areas and the way people come to us with complaints… We’ll run out of space if we start listing them all,” he said.

Sarkar also blamed the BJP for unleashing violence against political opponents. Citing the attack on the Pradesh Bhawan conference in the state capital a few weeks ago, he asked, “Who lit it?”

He also referred to the recent attacks on former minister and Congress leader Sudeep Roy Barman and added that Congress leaders were attacked twice within a month in the same city of Agartala. He said the escalation of attacks showed that the BJP was desperate and lost popular support.

The former prime minister appealed to opposition parties to unite in their bid to oust the BJP from power next year.

Sarkar said that while the upcoming by-election would not lead to a change of guard, it would provide an opportunity to “ventilate public opinion”. He added, “The main battle is in the future. Everyone should take an active part in it. If anyone thinks that changing the CM will solve the problems, it is wrong. I changed the Prime Minister’s government only nine months before the end of his term…the decision is in the limit.” itself conveys a lot.”

The Center is also in a weak position and its decision to back down from an offer to sell a stake in Bharat Petroleum and the three controversial farm bills are proof of that, said National Secretary General of the Communications and Information Technology Union, Taban Sen. He said the recent All-India union strike had received massive response from workers across the country. Sen asked the people to end the alleged misrule of the BJP, raising the slogan “Desh Hamari Aap Ki, Nahin Kesiki Pap Ki (The country belongs to all of us, it is not the property of anyone’s ancestors)”.

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