BJP MLA ‘Confined’ by Angry Villagers in Bihar’s Bhagalpur for ‘Ignoring Demands’

Angry villagers held a BJP lawmaker hostage in Bhagalpur district of Bihar state for about two hours on Sunday after he allegedly ignored their demands.

Engineer Kumar Shailendra, MLA of Bihpur Assembly Circle, went to Shihkund village in Lokmanpur Panchayat to give details of what the Narendra Modi government has achieved in the past eight years.

A public party was organized in the village where he was giving the speech. Meanwhile, the villagers complained that they live in great fear of the flow of the Kosi River, its waters are rising all the time and soil erosion is taking place.

They urged the MLA to take effective measures to stop soil erosion in the village, as if this were not done, a number of homes might be damaged or even flooded.

However, the villagers said Shailendra tried to ignore them, which sparked outrage and they held him hostage for about two hours. The local police and MLA supporters then calmed the villagers while emphasizing appropriate measures and released the MLA.

After the accident, Shailendra sat on a raptor in the village. He said on his Facebook page that he contacted the officials of the Water Resources Department, although they were being held hostage, but they did not respond and refused to come to the village.

“I informed the Water Resources Department officials of the incident, but they did not come or take the initiative to stop the erosion of the soil in the village,” he said.

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