BJP lawmaker apologises after daughter misbehaves with cops | Bengaluru

In Bengaluru, Renuka has been caught on camera for behaving inappropriately with police and the media while she is driving fast and fast.

BengaluruThe ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator Arvind Limbayawali has apologized for allegedly misbehaving with the police and the media when his camera was caught by his daughter, Renuka, in Bengaluru. He apologized after the case was filed by police.

Renuka’s fast-paced BMW tried to overtake a vehicle fitted to the police department after it crossed the junction near the state assembly, police said.

She argued that there was no violation and demanded that she quit the fight with the police. But the police stood by her when she told her father.

The video of the argument showed that she was telling the police that she could not file a case for overturning the vehicle and that she should be allowed to go. In another video, she can be seen charging toward the cameraman and hitting his camera to record the argument. The police then tied the knot and unloaded the car.

Limbawali said a case has been filed against her daughter’s friend who was driving despite the videos being shown in the driver’s seat. ‚ÄúThere was a small incident. My daughter was traveling in a car with a friend. The security detail stopped the car from overtaking the security vehicle. She has fined her friend Tarun. This is the first part. Secondly, the media has also been accused of assaulting the media. I see the video in it sir. Nevertheless, I apologize if the media is in pain.

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