Bishnoi, 3 others hatched conspiracy to kill Moose Wala in August: AGTF

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, along with three others, including Goldie Brar, conspired to kill Sidhu Moos Wala in August last year and he was in touch with those involved, the Punjab Police Anti-Gangster Task Force (AGTF) ​​said on Thursday. Planning and executing the murder from inside the Tihar Jail, as the 13th accused in the case of the singer’s breakfast was arrested.

Lawrence has revealed during the trial that the singer’s assassination plan began shortly after the killing of the young squadron leader Vicki Mudukhera on August 21 last year, the AGTF said.

“Lawrence revealed that he suspected Moose Walla’s role in the murder. They took it personally and decided to take revenge, ”said an AGTF official.

According to the AGTF, Lawrence Bishnoi, during the trial, pleaded guilty to being in touch with other gang members who helped to plan and then execute the Moos Wala assassination from Tihar Jail, and the murder plan began last August. The year that Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldie Brar, Sachin Bishnoi and Anmol jointly conspired. The singer’s rಸ್ಸsum ಮಾಡಲಾಯಿತು was made three times to hit the target in a foolproof way.

Lawrence was brought to Punjab on June 15 on a production warrant from Tihar Jail in New Delhi and is currently in police custody till June 27.

Baladev Nikku of Takhtumal village near Sirsa in Haryana was arrested from Talwandi Sabo on Wednesday night, AGTF said. At least 14 cases have been registered against them in Haryana and Delhi.

AGTF said Nikku, along with another accused Sandeep Kekda, had treated Moos Wala before he was shot dead.

Addressing media representatives here, AGTF chief ADGP Pramod Ban took a selfie with Nikku and Kekda Moose Wala before firing the singer.

“They informed Goldie Brar and Sachin Bishnoi that they were guiding shooters in two vehicles – the Bolero Jeep and the Toyota Make Car,” Ban said.

State police have revealed that the AK series of weapons have been used, however, it has ruled out its manufacture.

The shooters reached Monsa on May 25 and said they had guns and were later provided with some sophisticated firearms. Other AGTF officials DIG Gurupreet Singh Bhullar and AIG Gurmeet Singh Chauhan were also present at the press conference.

Major companions have fled abroad

As the Musevala assassination plan draws to a close, two prominent companions – Anmol, Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother and Sachin Bishnoi, close relatives of the Lawrence family – have fled abroad.

According to the AGTF, Anmol made his last appearance in New York and escaped to Dubai in November last year, but Sachin escaped in April this year and was last seen in Dubai and last in Azerbaijan. Both men fled using fake passports, which have been purchased in bulk.

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