Bihar: Trainers, coaching institutes wary of Agnipath impact

The Center’s Agnipath project for recruitment in the Armed Forces has sparked mixed reactions since the government announced it. A group of coaches and coaching institutions in Bihar are involved in mentoring students for their career paths.

“With the four-year rider on the Agnipath project, we hope that the interest of the candidates will diminish and it will have a direct impact on the training and training institutes. Candidates are still uncertain and will become increasingly clear in the coming days and months as they explore other options, ”said Avinash Kumar, a retired security guard of the Indian Air Force who runs the coaching institute in Baxter Town.

Another said that pride, pensions and job security coupled with jobs in the armed forces attracted a large number of young people and made them slog for hours every day to achieve the desired physical abilities.

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“Their parents never hesitated to support their wards, even if it was part of their land or acquisition. Said.

Dubey said there is a fixed fee for various jobs – 12000 for clerk jobs and 10000 for GD-Soldiers. We have to see how it goes, ”he said.

Rahul Kumar, who is based in Ujiyarpur (Samastipur), is an apprentice to military job aspirants.

“We are training after the vacancies are over. Our firm has been closed for the past two years due to no recruitment due to the COVID epidemic. Now we don’t know how to go about it,” he said.

Kanhaiya Pandey, Physical Instructor at Defense Colony, Danapur 10000-15000.

“Now, we have to see how things evolve.

“The main motivating force is the enthusiasm for employment,” said army employee Ajit Kumar.

“As long as there is enthusiasm, parents will support their children. Only after joining together do we get the feel of firefighters,” he said.

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