Bihar native ‘suffers seizure’, dies in police custody in Gujarat’s Valsad

A 26-year-old national of Bihar, who was caught suspiciously moving in a residential community in Vapi town of Valsad district of Gujarat state, allegedly died in police custody on Thursday. Police said he had an epileptic fit while at the center, and when he collapsed, his head hit the corner of a table.

Based on the affidavit given by the deceased prior to his death, the police identified him as Akhilesh Chandrajit Rai (26 years old) of Daman. According to the police, the doctors who performed the autopsy identified a brain hemorrhage as the cause of death. The officers said they were trying to trace al-Rai’s relatives and friends because he had not revealed his address to them.

Police said a guard of an under-construction building belonging to a Nirav Shah in the Ajitnagar residential community in Shala district of Vapi town spotted a young man moving suspiciously on Wednesday evening. The young man was arrested and handed over to the police. The police said Shah also submitted a request to the police station in this regard, adding that during the initial investigation, the arrested person did not mention his full address in Daman or Bihar or the names of people he knows in Daman. The police kept him on the first floor in the control room of the Fabi police station for further questioning.

“Thursday morning, he was walking into the control room without any reason. As he walked, he had an epileptic fit and fell to the ground but his head hit the corner of a wooden table and lost consciousness,” Police Inspector Fabi PJ Saroya said. Ambulance 108 took him to the government hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. On Friday, an autopsy was performed by a committee of forensic doctors at the new Surat Civil Hospital. The doctors claimed that he died of a brain hemorrhage. The doctors told us that the deceased also had some old injuries on the other part of his head. We have filed a complaint about Accidental death and we have started an investigation.”

The inspector added, “Al-Rai did not provide the full address and its details to the policemen during the initial interrogation. We sent our teams to the workers’ areas in a guarantee to get to know him. We also use the Daman police to identify him. Our team found nothing but a handkerchief in his pocket. We suspect that he might be mentally retarded and the security guard suspected him of being a murderous man. Our teams are working in conjunction with Daman Police to identify him.”

On February 17 this year, Lata alias Shushila Gawani (70), an alleged smuggler who was arrested by the police, was found dead at Vapi City Police Station.

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