Bigg Boss Non-Stop grand finale LIVE UPDATES: Nagarjuna to perform, ex-contestants to grace the stage

After a successful 90-day run, Bigg Boss Non-Stop is set to come to an end. OTT version of Bigg Boss Telugu, hosted by Nagarjuna AkineneIt is due to witness its grand finale today. Currently, Bindu Madhavi, Ankur Shiva, Ariana Glory, Akhil Sarthak, Anil Rathod, Mithrao and Baba Bhaskar are vying for the winning title. Bindu Madhavi was earlier seen taking part in Bigg Boss Tamil, which is hosted by legendary actor Kamal Hassan. She entered Telugu reality show as a competitor. In the early weeks, when Bindu was asked which industry she liked the most, Bindu said that the Tamil and Telugu industries are similar to her eyes. Bindu was an enjoyable trip. While some think she is one of the docile contestants, it is only during missions and nominations where she has outdone everyone and gained popularity among audiences because she plays like a lioness. Bindu shared a beautiful friendship with Shiva and Anil throughout her stay in the house. Tom and Jerry shared a like relationship with Achilles.

Papa Basker, Achilles and Ariana have been in the previous seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu. Baba Baskar was a part of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, while Akhil and Ariyana participated in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Baba Baskar entered the show as a wildcard contestant. In the history of Bigg Boss Telugu, he was the only contestant to become a finalist. Achilles finished second in his season. This time, he came up with ambition to win the show for his father. During the show, he talked about how his father survived a stroke and is recovering from it. On the show, Achilles turned out to be a toughest contestant with good performance on missions. He is the only contestant to become Captain of Bigg Boss twice. On the other hand, Ariana struggled to live up to the image she created in Season 4. However, she never gave up on any mission, and that’s probably what her fans liked about her.

Anchor Shiva was introduced to the Telugu audience as the ‘controversial’ Shiva. At first, people had a hard time striking a chord with him because of his image. However, as the show progressed, Shiva showed how his character has a fun side too. After trying seven times, he finally won the captain’s job and became a captain. His friendship with Bindu and Anil is one of the highlights of his journey. Anil, who hails from a family of policemen, is a model by profession. His calm demeanor always got him into trouble as people thought he was pretending to be cute. However, Anil chose to respond with his performance on the task. He was the first captain of the season. However, his goodness got him in trouble and Bigg Boss had to snatch his captain. But the only incident did not stop him. He appeared as a black horse that had now come to the end.

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