Bigg Boss 14’s Nikki Tamboli on testing Covid positive: I just couldn’t breathe at one point

Bigg Boss 14 runner-up Nikki Tamboli revealed how she was breathing at one point after testing positive for Covid. Read the exclusive interview.

Reality star Nikki Tamboli was shooting for her song in Delhi when her health started deteriorating. She had high fever, severe chills and cough causing chest and body pain. “I initially ignored the symptoms assuming it was climate change. But, when I was on my flight back to Mumbai, I couldn’t breathe at one point. My head was burning with pain but I had to hold back as I didn’t want to inconvenience others,” recalls Tamboli.

Tamboli tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday morning and he told everyone about it on Instagram. This is the second time Tamboli has contracted the virus. He shares, “This time the virus has definitely taken a toll on my health. I am completely numb right now. My friends, family and people around me are very concerned about my health.

More worrying for Tamboli than the virus attacking him, was that it infected his father. “It’s very scary. My father and I were in different cities when we got the virus. Even though we took all safety precautions, this virus got inside us,” quotes the Bigg Boss 14 contestant, whose father is on the road to recovery.

Tamboli is currently in isolation and revealed how she was supposed to fly to Dubai on Saturday afternoon, however, she is currently recovering.

Tamboli earlier shared a text post on Instagram, “Hi everyone, I have tested positive for covid-19 with severe symptoms. Post confirmation, I have constrained myself to take the necessary precautions. A humble request to those who have come in contact with me to take the test as soon as possible! And urge people to wear masks and follow covid protocols (sic).”

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