Bhopal couple fall off scooter, accuse biker of hitting them from behind. Video shows otherwise

The recording of a young man riding his motorcycle helped him clear his name after he was accused of hitting two other riders. The video went viral on social media and sparked a debate about its importance from dashcamswhich is a common use in many foreign countries.

In the viral video, a scooter is seen losing its balance and stumbling on the road and a man and woman riding it are seen falling to the ground. But they were not seriously injured.

The biker coming quickly behind is shown hitting the brakes to avoid hitting them, however, the biker is seen accusing him of hitting them. “Tumhe dikh nahi raha tha kya? (Can’t you see, or what?) “I heard the woman asking angrily. Didi, gaadi takrayi bhi nahi hai. (The car didn’t even hit), ”he heard the driver say in his defense.

“Bina takraye, hum record raste mein gir gaye? (Without getting hit, how did we fall?) “The woman resists him while the man on the motorbike shows a video presentation of the accident to support his claim. While other bystanders also stop in to help the man get back on his feet, an altercation ensued and the woman was heard saying, “Aise kaise gir jayenge? (How do we fall for no reason?) “In disbelief. The man is heard trying to play the video recorded on his camera, to show that he is not responsible for their fall.

Watch the full video here:

According to the man, the accident happened recently in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

While the footage showed the scooter tipping over on its own, the driver later said in the video that the woman refused to see his recordings. When the couple wanted to file a police complaint against him, the man said he went to the police and showed them the fall recording, to clear the air.

“The purpose of this video is just to show what kind of accidents can happen, and just a slight wrong move can get you into trouble even though it’s not your fault. Always be aware of your surroundings and ride safely,” the driver wrote while sharing the video online.

While many social media users agreed that careless cyclists often hit pedestrians and other vehicles, they backed the man, saying this time it wasn’t the case. Many also asked him if the couple later apologized to him.

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