Bharti Singh receives diamond earrings for her birthday from Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Bharti Singh says her husband, comedian-writer Harsh Limbachia, has taken out a loan so she can gift him a pair of diamond earrings for his birthday. Bharti celebrated her first birthday as a mother on Sunday and on the occasion she had a live chat with her fans on Instagram. Bharti and Harsh recently welcomed their first child, a boy they fondly call Gola. (Also Read: Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia Want Farah Khan Back in The Khatra Khatra Show Season 2)

In the video, Bharti asks Harsh if he noticed anything unusual and he fails to name anything else. Then she pointed to her earrings and he realized she was talking about his gift. Then she showed her diamond earrings and said “So this is what Harsh gave me. He bought me two solitaires with his hard earned money. I will not disclose the price. ” Celebrated his birthday in Ambi Valley.

Bharti shared some pictures of the gifts she received on her birthday. These included a pair of flip flops and a pair of jutis. She also shared a picture of the colorful dress she received.

Bharti Singh's birthday gifts.
Bharti Singh’s birthday gifts.

She also received a gift hamper from the host Dance India Dance Super Moms dance reality show team. A note from the team read, “To Supermom Bharti Singh. A versatile actor, presenter and renowned comedian, you have inspired millions and more over the past decade. However, post motherhood, you have truly given so much strength and hope to mothers across India. Your relentless pursuit in everything you do is a source of inspiration to countless mothers. Stories like yours encourage more people to pursue their passion. “

Bharti and Harsh were the hosts of the recently concluded comedy show The Khatra Khatra Show. Bharti is now a host on Dance India Dance Super Moms.

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