Beyoncé criticised for being ‘ableist’ in new album; set to change song lyrics

American singer-songwriter Beyoncéwho recently dropped her latest album,Renaissance‘, a backlash to the use of a particular word that has a negative and capable connotation, with people calling it out.

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The 40-year-old has vowed to change the lyrics of the controversial song. According to reports, the lyric in her song ‘hotContains the derogatory word ‘sp*z’ – a capable slander taken from the word ‘spastic’, which is often used to look at a person with spastic cerebral palsy.

The Cambridge The dictionary explains that a person with a spasticity is “someone who has it.” Cerebral Palsy (a condition that affects the body that makes it difficult to control the muscles).”

Confirmed singer’s publicity for BBC that the word was “not intentionally used in a malicious manner,” and that it “will be replaced in the lyrics.” However, it wasn’t clear when that would happen and Beyoncé made no official statement.

It quoted disability advocate Hannah Devine as telling BBC That when the singer’s fans heard the track, they felt a “slap in the face.” “I’m tired and frustrated that we’re having this conversation again so soon after we got such a purposeful and forward response from Lizzo.”

Divine referred to a recent similar incident, where Rapper Lizo has also been criticized Because the lyrics of her singleGrrrrlsShe was “capable”. Her song also contains the word ‘sp*z’, with activists describing her as ‘capable’ – someone who may discriminate against people with disabilities and/or people who are seen as disabled.

Lizzo then wrote a public apology and said she “never wanted to promote offensive language,” before changing the lyrics.

for every bcc Charity Disability Report May Scope Request Beyonce To re-record the song. “It’s a good thing that Beyoncé acted so quickly after the handicapped released this mindless lyric again,” Scoop Media Director Warren Kirwan was quoted as saying. “There’s a sense of deja vu because it’s only been a few weeks since Lizzo also had to re-release a song after showing the same offensive language.”

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