Bengaluru temperature dips to 23 degrees: Citizens take pride, netizens envy | Bengaluru

While northern parts of India have been reeling under a severe heatwave, several parts of Bengaluru received showers and cold weather persisted in the city. Many citizens were even seen wearing jackets in May. Bengaluru recorded the second coldest day in May in the last 50 years on Thursday. The last time the city recorded a colder day in May was on May 14, 1972.

The Bengaluru Weather’s Twitter account compared the Karnataka capital’s temperatures on Friday to several hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, Shimla and Srinagar and found that Bengaluru was the coldest of them all.

Other metropolitan cities of the country like Delhi and Hyderabad recorded temperatures like 42 degrees and 34 degrees respectively, while Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai recorded 32 degrees Celsius temperature on Friday.

Bengaluru summer rains have broken a couple records already, after the city recorded the lowest temperature in May in the past 10 years on Wednesday, according to the data released by the Bengaluru chapter of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and recording its wettest April in seven years last month. 

Weather forecasts for the city show likely rain for the next few days, while isolated showers, hailstorms, fast winds, thunderstorms and lightening have been a common sight in the city since the beginning of the month. Residents took to Twitter to share memes and posts about the polarising change in weather in the north and in the Garden City.

One Twitter user wrote: “Bengaluru – Sun still thinking about whether to come out and give Darshan or not! Bengaluru was like Ooty day before, yesterday we were like Minneapolis. Today, like Seattle without rain!”

Another netizen by the handle Payal Kamat shared: “People living in Bengaluru and complaining about traffic in the current 22 degrees weather, come to Delhi da…Sit in this 43 degree & ‘zoom past’ the city okay, and if your cab cancels or AC feels futile, you can also get a taste of what it feels like to be a tandoori momo.”

To a question asking how people combat heat in natural ways, a resident of the city replied: “We in Bengaluru just complain about it for 2 days and the rain Gods take care of the rest.” 

While most citizens enjoyed the break from scorching heat, not all were quite on the same page. A Twitterati shared a message saying: “Just wayyy too much rain forecast for #Bengaluru! While we may go gaga over the cool temperatures in May, it is still technically summer! No clear skies for days on end is not a good sign! Need some sunshine.”

While the perks of a pleasant weather are more clear than ever, the city’s untimely rains have also done much damage to it’s already poor infrastructure by uprooting trees, electric poles, causing power outages, and even deaths by electrocution, while waterlogging, flooding and traffic congestions have disrupted everyday life activities.


The unseasonal showers have even caused vegetable prices to shoot up, and hit several businesses such as street vendors due to flooded roads, while they have also sparked serious concerns for the safety of citizens, with potholes becoming a deadlier death trap when they are filled with water. The infamous potholes of the city have taken many a life in the past.

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