‘Belvedere Suites’ a new address for luxury living and working comfortable

Lucknow: Packed in homes amid the epidemic, most of us took the opportunity to view and experience every corner of our living space after a long time. Although most of us have made temporary arrangements for working from home, a separate and quiet workplace with all the requirements of a home office has long been thought of.

To fill the void of the perfect home and office combination, the Shalimar Group has come up with a special 90 unit project ‘Belvedere Suites’ built on 22 floors. Housing plans are designed to strike the perfect balance between world-class living experience with the perfect job from home set up for corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

The four-bedroom apartments and penthouses start with 3025 square feet of pure luxury, which comes with a unique smart office setup. The property is the right choice that will inspire you to meet your tight office deadlines and still have the luxury of staying in your cozy nest.

Explaining the new Project Belvedere Suites, which cater to the needs of modern-day housing, but strives to achieve the professional goals of home buyers, Khalid Masood, Shalimar Group’s full-time director, said: Through it we have created a legacy of excellence. Knowledge and satisfaction will continue to drive us to excel in life and exceed expectations through key aspects of the company and our work and our projects. With this project, we aim to further our legacy of developing stylish and luxurious properties specially curated for our customers.

The Belvedere Suites occupy one of the most strategic locations within the OneWorld campus, with easy access to all the amenities the township has to offer. High-rise apartments are home to a number of features and nuances that have been carefully described to complement one’s sensibilities in perfect measure. From world-class health infrastructure to high street shopping and excellent educational centers, Belvedere Suites has everything you need to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

The ever-growing resident community offers great opportunities to meet and mingle with people with similar lifestyles.

Shalimar’s commitment to making sure that OneWorld’s location does not overlook any aspect of the home – including its location. Carefully selected to provide the best of both worlds for people who prefer quietness, but never want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Gomati Urban Expansion is the perfect choice. It offers immense connectivity and has everything individuals and families need to live in a quiet and quiet place with wide open spaces.

“Founded in 1985, the Shalimar Group focuses primarily on residential and contracting projects. The company has all the key capabilities and internal resources to deliver the project from concept to completion. In all of its residential projects, the company places a strong emphasis on environmental and social governance (ESG), water harvesting and the highest safety standards, ”added Khalid Masood.

Disclaimer: This article was produced by the HT Brand Studio team on behalf of the brand.

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