Beas dera followers protest district authorities’ bid to demarcate prohibited area

On Saturday, Dera Radha Somi Satsang followers and local residents in Bias protested a district government’s attempt to mark a forbidden area, including a sectarian border wall, 1,000 meters below the army’s ammunition depot.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court, which has considered the civil writ application, recently ordered the District Collector to demolish nearly one and a half kilometers of wall and other buildings at a distance of 1,000 meters from the depot.

A team of officers from the Revenue Department and other concerned departments headed by District Collector Harpreet Singh Sudan arrived at the town to mark the boundary between the heavy police bandobast.

However, a large number of denominations and local residents of the house and other buildings in the restricted area, led by senior officials of the Dera, gathered outside the gate of the depot. He shouted slogans against the army, the Punjab government and the district.

The administration was forced to withhold border recognition as the situation became tense.

Meanwhile, officials checked the revenue records at Tehsil Baba Bakal’s office.

“The Hon’ble High Court has instructed me to identify the forbidden area around the depot in view of the safety of the people, but the boundaries could not be identified due to some shortcomings in the revenue record. The District Commissioner interacted with the protesters to submit a written report to the High Court recommending appropriate relief to the victims.

Speaking about the controversy over the buildings in Dera, he said, “There are already pending court cases. Action will be taken only against the buildings constructed after the depot is established. New construction is strictly prohibited.

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