BBC apologises to fans after ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ appears on ticker | World News

Manchester United fans were forced to apologize to the BBC on Tuesday after the news that the Premier League club was labeled as “trash” appeared on their news ticker.

The insult appeared at the bottom of the screen during the tennis update.

Later that morning, the presenters apologized if any United fans were offended.

He said someone was learning how to operate a ticker and “wasn’t writing random things in earnest.”

The presenter said: “Some time ago, some of you may have noticed something unusual on the ticker that runs down the screen with the news of Manchester United commenting, and I hope Manchester United fans are not offended by it.

“I’ll explain what’s going on – someone behind the scenes was training to learn how to use a ticker and put text on the ticker, so they were writing random things and the comment appeared.

“So if you’ve seen it and you’re offended and you’re a fan of Manchester United, I’m sorry.”

A BBC statement to the PA news agency said: “There was a technical error during training with our test ticker that turned into live programming for a few seconds. We apologized for any offense that occurred in the air.”

BBC presenter and Manchester City fan Clive Myry tweeted: “I have nothing to do with that !!” With the hashtag #mcfc.

Manchester United, which have not won silverware since 2017, finished sixth on the top-flight table with the lowest points of the Premier League era.

His new manager, Eric Ten Hague, was formally unveiled on Monday, 24 hours after Manchester City won its fourth league title in five seasons.

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