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If you grew up with siblings, you have a fair idea of ​​the tricks you had to resort to in order to get some extra snacks or treats. And trust us when we say it’s not too different from a baby gorilla trying to steal its older sister’s snack while she sleeps. The video was shared on an Instagram page dedicated to The Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund, which has over 3.97 lakh dedicated followers. There’s a good chance this video will tell you that there isn’t much difference between what gorillas exhibit and human behavior.

The animal video was shared on the social media platform with a descriptive caption that helps viewers get more context for the behavior the gorillas are displaying in the clip. “Baby Mudasumbwa is trying to sneak his older brother Urungano’s snack while he snoozes. Both the boys are Rugira Babies from Musilikale group,” it reads. The caption is accompanied by a sleeping symbol emoji.

Watch the video right here:

After being uploaded on Instagram 15 hours ago, the video has received over 6,000 likes.

On Instagram, one person notes, “They’re more like us than I thought! Guess big brother didn’t get the ‘shared care’ memo!” “Let’s play a little and it’s time to eat again, so cute!” Another user adds. A third commenter shares, “Ahhhh hahaha this is so funny.”

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