Babar Azam reminded of PCB policies after he brings brother for net practice

Pakistan captain Babar Azam was politely reminded of the politics of the Pakistan Cricket Board after he brought his younger brother to the High Performance Center in Lahore and allowed him to practice on the net.

Babar was criticized after she posted a photo on social media showing his brother Safir in the net with Pakistani football player Shahnawaz Dhani.

The social media post caused an uproar as the PCB policies governing the High Performance Center clearly state that only Pakistani players, first-class players or junior cricketers can use the facilities and staff of the HPC with the permission of the authorities.

“Babar came to the center three to four days ago with his brother and this was before conditioning camp started. A reliable source in the PCB said his brother later had a net that the board was informed of.

He admitted that since no Pakistani player was allowed to bring any of his relatives or friends to HPC for training, Babar was politely reminded about his indiscretion and asked not to repeat it again.

“He is our captain and the matter was handled in such a way that he was politely reminded of the situation and he agreed,” the source said.

Babar has started getting daily nets at HPC in preparation for the upcoming international season, and the PCB has also invited about 60 players in two batches to attend two-week conditioning camps to get ready for the new season.

Babar’s younger brother did not leave any impact as a player at a higher level.

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