Australia edge Peru on penalties to qualify for World Cup | Football News

Australia qualified for their fifth consecutive World Cup after winning a 5-4 penalty shootout against Peru in their intercontinental playoffs on Monday.

The teams failed to score in the regular and overtime at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, and goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne was sent in as a substitute for Captain Matt Ryan in the dying seconds of extra time, saving the last penalty as the Australian star. By Alex Valera.

“I’m not a hero,” Redman said. “I played my part tonight. I’m not going to take credit for this. ”

Founded for Redman Running out to Ryan for 1, he has done two previous international appearances, a major gamble by Socceroos coach Graham Arnold.

Redman’s unorthodox dance and Peru players jumped across the goal line with their targets and legs waving.

“Andrew Redmayne is a good penalty saver,” he said in an emotional post-match TV interview, explaining that he made a change “to put some uncertainty in his brain and get into the mental aspect of Peru.”

Due to travel restrictions on the COVID-19 epidemic, Australia qualified hard in the campaign for the most part, finishing third in the last round of qualifiers behind Saudi Arabia and Japan and then defeating the United Arab Emirates in the Asian Playoff. Last week.

“I’m very proud of the players,” Arnold said. “Really, no one knows what these boys have experienced to come here. It was very difficult, the whole campaign. That’s the way they stuck with it. The way they have committed themselves to it is … unbelievable. Twenty World Cup qualifiers, 16 away from home. It’s tough, but we’ve done it.

The dramatic ending followed a two-hour short action.

Australia completed control as the only team to create chances. Ajdin Hrustik scored the first goal on 82 minutes after scoring the winning goal against the United Arab Emirates in the Asian Playoff, and again a little later.

Peruvian substitute Edison Flores rose to the foot of the Australian Post early in the second period of extra time, but the stadium saw more than 12,000 Peruvian fans scoring goals and getting close as both teams went on to break the deadlock.

“It’s a tough moment,” said Peru goalkeeper Pedro Gales. “I had a dream of seeing our flag again at the World Cup.

“I’m still proud of this team. Now we have to support them. Some of the team’s players are working really hard right now.

“Australia has done its part and deserves it.”

The game proceeded towards the shootout, where the Galleys saved Martin Boyle’s early spot kick. Australia equalized when Luis Advincula hit the post.

Redmayne, along with his defensive dance routine along the goal-line, was rescued by Valera and Sakeroos took on Qatar in November for their sixth overall World Cup appearance.

“The idea was that this (shootout) could happen in these kinds of situations,” Redman said of his controversial choice.

Australia will face defending defending champions France and Tunisia and Denmark on the opening day of the D Group on 22 November.

Costa Rica will face New Zealand in the same stadium on Tuesday and will finish in the World Cup.

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