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The video of the aunt meeting her nephew after almost three years was posted on Instagram.

“Can’t express the joy,” this is what Instagram user Kanika Malhotra posted while sharing a video showcasing her reunion with her family, especially her nephew. The video shared by this a singer and a performer is not just sweet to watch but may leave you a tad bit emotional too.

Malhotra, besides the apt caption, also posted a few hashtags while sharing the video. Some of them are #reunion, #visitsingapore, #nephew, and #brothersisterlove.

The video opens to show a text insert. “Met my elder brother, sister-in-law, and little nephew,” it reads. The video opens to show Malhotra walking towards her family with her luggage trolley. However, before she could reach her brother and sister-in-law, her nephew comes running towards her. He gives her a tight hug and keeps on holding her. The clip ends with her brother giving her a hug too.

Take a look at the super adorable video:

The video has been posted on April 29. Since being shared, the post has accumulated nearly 3.1 lakh likes. It has also gathered tons of love-filled comments. A few also shared how much they miss their family.

“Nephew’s reaction is priceless,” wrote an Instagram user. “Such a nice feeling! My parents are the only ones living in the Netherlands. So when we visit Indonesia and see all our family it is a feeling so out of this world,” expressed another. “That’s so cute and touching,” commented a third. “Nephew loves her Bua more,” posted a fourth. “How he was sitting and ran to hug is so adorable,” shared a fifth.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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