At meeting with Yashwant Sinha, KCR attacks PM Modi, says he is killing democracy

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashkar Rao on Saturday criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP even as he gave support to opposition presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha, in a recent meet-and-greet program with Telangana leaders Rashtra Samethi (TRS).

Urging TRS and MLAs to ensure the deserving candidate wins, the KCR said, “Weigh the candidates and vote after thought. It will make a qualitative change.”

The center was also accused of killing democracy in the country, and of using constitutional bodies to harass violators. “What the Modi administration is doing is successfully killing democracy every day, stifling the federal system in India… and overthrowing governments that don’t stick to its line. One union minister said they, like Maharashtra, would bring down the Telangana government… We are ready. If our government falls, we will be Free to bring down the BJP government in the center.For 60 years, the Telangana community has fought for a separate state and we are ready for another struggle.

The Prime Minister also criticized the Prime Minister, accusing him of degrading the country’s image before the world. Saying that the actions of the Modi government and BJP staff have destroyed India’s image in the international community, the KCR asked the Prime Minister to respond to the allegation that it was due to his pressure on the Sri Lankan government that a contract for an energy project had been awarded to a state. Indian industrial. If the prime minister does not respond, the allegations are true, the center said. He said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of India and as per the terms of 14 previous presidents, India’s image has never been affected.”

The Prime Minister claimed that as per the Centre’s coal policy, coal was imported at an exorbitant price of Rs 30,000 while Indian coal was cheaper. Countries are forced to buy imported coal because it is being imported by the prime minister’s industrial friend. That is why I say he is not prime minister but has become a salesperson,” adding that Prime Minister Modi’s policies and promises are deceiving 1.5 billion people in the country. “Have I fulfilled even one promise I made to the people? Even if you search with a flashlight, KCR said, you won’t find one.

Criticizing the center’s stance towards farmers, KCR said the Modi government had to face humiliation in front of angry farmers and had to repeal farm laws. The Prime Minister and BJP leaders have slandered the farmers, even labeling them as Khlestans and terrorists. In the end, you had to bow before the cultivators. And seven hundred cultivators died during the rampage, but you showed no grief or mercy to them.”

The KCR also accused the Prime Minister of failing the country during the Covid pandemic. It was the biggest disaster since independence and the prime minister failed to deal with it. Lakhs of people died unnecessarily. Lakhs and crores of people had to walk the roads. The center refused to give free trains. Modi swears on the banks of the Ganges but instead of immersing people in ashes, the bodies of Covid victims have been shoved into rivers.”

The Telangana Chief Minister said the country has performed poorly on all indicators due to the prime minister’s failed policies.

“The nation is watching and asking for answers. Modi may have the wrong impression that he will always be president. Political change will happen,” the KCR said, asking the prime minister to respond to all the allegations in his speech at the parade grounds Sunday night.

Referring to the prime minister’s visit to Houston and his support for former US President Donald Trump, the KCR questioned whether Modi knew the difference between the US presidential election and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

Meanwhile, Yashwant Sinha, addressing TRS representatives, said the presidential election is taking place at an unusual time. “We all know what’s happening in the country. Intellectuals say the nation is collapsing, which is why this election is so important. I’m lucky to have the support of the TRS,” he said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister and his colleagues went to Begumpet Airport to receive Sinha. TRS had announced its support for Sinha’s candidacy on June 27.

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