At first state PAC meeting, Karnataka Congress leaders get orders to avoid chatter on next CM

General Secretary of KC Venugopal said the Karnataka Congress leaders have been instructed by the party leadership to refrain from giving their opinions on who will be the next prime minister and focus on fighting the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state.

The conference leadership’s call to avoid talking about the next Karnataka Chief Minister comes amid an internecine battle in the party between Grand Chief Siddaramayah and head of the state unit DK Shivakumar to present themselves as the next Chief Minister of the state.

The instructions were delivered at the meeting of the newly formed Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of the state held in Habbali on Tuesday in the presence of party leader Rahul Gandhi. The PAC was formed with 36 senior leaders of the state’s Congress as part of the decisions taken at the recent AICC meeting held in Udaipur. The PAC aims to strengthen the collective leadership of the Congress party.

Speaking after the PAC meeting, Venugopal said, “No one should make statements on the leadership issue. The party leaders decided not to express their opinions publicly on the internal affairs of the party,” Venugopal said.

“We have to fight the anti-people policies of the BJP with one voice,” Venugopal added.

Congress leaders decided to take the position that the issue of leadership in the party would be decided by the MLAs elected from the party after the Karnataka Assembly elections of 2023.

Supporters of Siddharamaya, the opposition leader in the state legislature, are organizing a grand celebration of his 75th birthday on Wednesday in what is seen as an attempt to highlight him as a mass leader in Karnataka and the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi will attend Siddharamaya’s birthday celebration but the Congress has decided to hold the PAC meeting before that to prevent the internal fights that might arise in this event.

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