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Asthma, a disease that causes the narrowing of the small airways in your lungs, can affect your daily life in several ways. It not only gives you less energy but also disrupts your sleep, it lowers your immunity and makes you susceptible to other life-threatening diseases. There is no specific diet that can help relieve asthma symptoms, but poor nutrition can make your asthma symptoms worse, and eating well can help prevent the disease. (Also Read: World Asthma Day 2022: Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices to Manage Asthma)

Studies show that people who eat a diet rich in vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, flavonoids, magnesium, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids have a lower incidence of asthma. According to one study, children who grew up eating a Mediterranean diet, rich in nuts and fruits such as grapes, apples and tomatoes, had fewer asthma symptoms.

Dr Jignesh Patel, Consultant Pulmonologist, Wockard Hospitals, Meera Road suggests the foods that should and should not be eaten while suffering from lung disease.

Foods to eat

• Sticking to a healthy diet is essential for you if you have asthma. You should eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes. In addition, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, sardines and flaxseed are beneficial for those with asthma. Eat rice, bell pepper, broccoli, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, spring onions, onions, garlic, ginger, oranges, fruits, grapes, pears, pomegranates, kiwi and cherries.

• Consume foods rich in vitamin D such as milk, eggs and orange juice to reduce swelling in the airways caused by asthma. Banana contains potassium and improves lung function. Vitamin E-rich foods like nuts, mustard greens, broccoli and cabbage can reduce cough and wheezing.

• Almonds, walnuts, paneer, chaas, curd and ghee can also help you. Apples and grapes contain antioxidants called flavonoids and selenium, which are anti-inflammatory in nature.

• Mediterranean diet loaded with fruits and vegetables is good for asthma patients due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It emphasizes consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and includes less dairy and meat.

Foods to Avoid

• Reduce consumption of fast, junk, oily, processed and canned food as they worsen symptoms like cough and inflammation.

• Cola, sodas, cakes, pastries, candies, sweets, juices and other foods with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavors can make your condition worse and irritate your lungs.

• Do not eat dried apples or any other fruit because the sulfites that help preserve dried fruit can aggravate your asthma and cause lung irritation. Alcohol, pickled vegetables and bottled lemon juice contain sulfites. So, you should avoid them.

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