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Silchar / Guwahati: NRC’s Assam State Coordinator Hitesh Dev Sharma has filed a police case against his predecessor, Prateek Hajela, on charges of treason, which has allowed him to deliberately set up a list and as a result illegal immigrants register as Indians.

According to Sharma, Hajela deliberately disobeyed the law, deliberately avoided proper quality checks in the process of renovating the NRC, and allowed declared aliens, suspicious voters and their descendants to add their names.

Sharma filed a case under Section 120B (IPC) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) on Thursday in the Assam Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) against Hazare and some other officials. Criminal conspiracy), 166A (being a public servant, deliberately violating any directive of the law), 167 (public servant creates false record with intent to cause injury), 181 (administering false statement oath or affirmation on oath or affirmation to a public servant or authority), 218 ( The public servant must create a false record or write to protect the person from punishment or the seizure of property), 420 (prompting fraud and dishonest distribution of property) and 466 (duplicate registration of a court or public record).

“Despite the Supreme Court’s order for a bug-free NRC, Pratik Hajela may have avoided mandatory quality checks by deliberately blocking quality checks and ordering the use of software that would enable NRC to access the names of unqualified persons. The National Act affects national security, ”said HT.

HT reached out to Hajela for comment but he said, “I don’t want to comment.”

The updated NRC’s final list for Assam, which aims to deport illegal immigrants in the state, was released in August, 2019, and excluded 1.9 million applicants based on suspicions about their citizenship.

Just weeks after the list was released, IAS officer Hajela, who was the state NRC coordinator at the time, was transferred to Madhya Pradesh’s mother state following instructions from the Supreme Court overseeing the NRC process. .

Hajela left Assam in November 2019 and the Assam government appointed another IAS officer, Hitesh Dev Sharma, as the new state coordinator of the NRC.

The final NRC is rejected as false, saying the state-led Bharatiya Janata Party-led government has many anomalies and includes illegal immigrants leaving eligible persons. The Assam government has since moved the Supreme Court to reconsider its entire practice.

Several local groups and organizations in Assam have also rejected the list and are appealing to the Supreme Court for reconsideration. All those petitions are pending in the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the Registrar General of India has yet to announce the NRC list, which will result in a long wait for the foreigners to appeal to the tribunals for inclusion in the list.

In his complaint, Sharma cited an example of sample verification done at three NRC centers in Barpeta and Darrang districts, which included a review of 2,346 people’s legacy data codes (LDCs), which found that 975 of their names were “incorrectly” entered into the NRC list. By setting their family tree (FT).

The complaint alleges that “uploading large amounts of false results is not seen as a common error, but a deliberate act that threatens national security,” alleging that Hajela allowed the software review officer and data entry operator to “freely upload false results.” With a hidden purpose ”.

Sharma cited another example from the Chamaria circle of Kamrup district, which included a total of 143,522 NRC applicants under the category of 64,247 Original Residents (OI).

Of the 64,247 people who made the NRC list in August 2019, 30,791 were retrieved after a complaint was filed by the sheriff’s office about possible irregularities. They were declared aliens, descendants of foreigners, or electoral commission suspected voters.

Sharma alleged that despite the complaint, Hazela deliberately avoided re-scrutiny of 64,247 people and that his actions should be considered “treason for committing an act that would compromise national security.”

The complaint alleges that Hajela deliberately allowed the use of the software, which does not keep records, and was confirmed by software developer Bohniman Systems.

Sharma added, “The software is very ready to avoid any quality checks.

When asked by the Superintendent of Police (CID), Pranab Jyoti Goswami, he refused to divulge the details of the complaint or the action taken on it, saying it was an internal problem of the department.

This is not the first time that a CID case has been filed against Hajela. After the publication of the NRC list, Assam Public Works (APW) filed twelve cases of hazela’s alleged irregularities.

“The complaint against Hazellah filed by the NRC state coordinator only underscores the allegations and complaints we have been making over the years against the former NRC coordinator. Hopefully, the state police are now serious and will conduct detailed investigations into the allegations that we have made and have now made Sharma, ”said APJ’s Abhijeet Sharma.

Sharma, the state NRC coordinator, has been in the headlines about his recent directives to foreign tribunals in the state not to rely on the NRC list when deciding on citizenship cases.

Following this, members of the Foreign Tribunal, who did not wish to disclose their names to the media, wrote to Sharma not to interfere in the functioning of quasi-judicial bodies.

Amid this controversy, several organizations in the Barak Valley of Assam appealed to the Guwahati High Court judge, Justice Nongmaikapam Koteshwar Singh, on May 18 to instruct Sharma to intervene in the functioning of foreign tribunals.

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