As one branch shrivels, the Thackeray tree sees another son bloom: Amit, son of Raj

While all eyes are on Udhav Thackeray A side of the family and his son Aditya, another son appears in the political arena of the state. Maharashtra President Navnirman Sena Raj Thackeray’s son Amit He had set out from Konkan and held meetings in Sindhudurg district as part of his first big tour as head of the party’s student wing.

Amit, 30, made his political debut a decade ago, when he appeared in a promotion for MNS ahead of the 2012 BMC election. However, he took a backseat after that, saying he wanted to continue studying. . Then, in July 2014, when MNS student wing or MNS Vidyarthi Sena held its first gathering, Amit appeared.

Forced to take a back seat due to illness, Amit is now back in the thick of things as Raj Thackeray recovers from major surgery. The fact that Cena led Udehav floundering in the face of a debilitating split is unlikely to be a coincidence. With Aaditya fronting his father while Sena fights for the turf, Amit adds to the fore shivering to the state and family struggle.

However, like this side of the Thackeray tree, the party workers here are warily watching Amit’s rise. As head of MNS Vidyarthi Sena, he had replaced Aditya Shirodkar. The son of Rajan’s friend, Rajan Chirodkar, Aditya lost his luck with the movement chief, finally left the party and joined Shiv Sena in 2021. Amit, a commerce graduate, is married with a son.

While CSM and MLA leader Nitin Sardesai calls Amit a “crowd puller” and a “leader in the making,” a party employee says the 30-year-old suffers from the same issues that plague the descendants of politicians. “The late Balasaheb and Rajsaheb Thackeray can attract audiences with their sermons. Amit still speaks Marathi with an accent, and needs to correct that to communicate with people. In addition, one of the main reasons Aaditya is holding back is that all of his friends move in elite circles, which gives him Imaginary ideas The leader of the National Solidarity Movement said, “Amit should learn a lesson from this and be with the leaders on the ground.”

Another leader, who asked not to be identified, points out another problem for political dynasties like himself. “Amit lacks consistency. He supported cleaning up the beach and then remained silent on the matter.”

Like Aaditya, although two years older than him, Amit often deals with environmental issues, including opposing Ari’s subway car shed.

One of the first tests for Amit will be the December civic polls. The MNS has been in meltdown, and with so few prominent activists left, they will rely on Amit to take on much of the responsibility.

MNM Secretary-General Nyan Kadam said Amit was aware of the need for change and started to do the same. “He mingles with the workers and youth leaders of MNS Vidyarthi Sena. He talks to university students as well. He listens to the people patiently, unlike Udhav, who has ignored the Sena workers.”

The party’s general secretary Rita Gupta, who heads the party’s women’s wing, said she has seen Amit develop over the years. Recently, while reorganizing the Mumbai unit of MNVS, he filled the jobs by doing interviews himself and showed his personal touch.

However, another SMS worker was worried that Amit, too, was now surrounded by a clique that “misled” him. Something similar happened with Aditya earlier, when he promoted his cousin Varun Sardisai.

Samajwadi Party MLA Rais Shaikh also has a word of caution for Amit. He must learn from the failures of the sons and daughters of other politicians who lived on their legacy and failed to make a mark. People are now mature and want to see politicians on the ground, and hear their issues. He should base his party’s policy on the voice of the people and not just go with the influx on Hindutva,” Sheikh said.

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