As its TN chief says alliances ‘weakening Cong’, party leaders ask who is to blame

Tamil Nadu Congress Chairman KS Alagiri’s statement that the party has been weakened in the state due to alliance politics may be a lament over the party’s low representation in the state’s DMK government. She did, however, open a can of worms against the leadership of the Congress, with many in the party blaming her and Aguirre in particular for the situation.

Clarify his observations in an interview with Indian Express, Al-Agiri noted that Congress first entered into alliances in Tamil Nadu, whose politics is dominated by the two largest DMK and AIADMK, about 30 years ago. Unfortunately, the party did not develop and did not benefit from these alliance policies. I think this is not only a problem for Congress, but for other parties as well.

Although Al-Agiri clearly meant to stress that his statement was not a reference to the current Congressional alliance with the DMK, but his long-term policy in the state, party leaders indicated that he was the one who held off at least one step to running in the election. lonliness.

A veteran Congress leader said, “When Rahul Gandhi came to Tamil Nadu for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he suggested that Congress go alone in the local body elections that were coming. But Al-Agiri rejected the idea. We would not have won many seats, but at least we scored A grassroots presence, giving our youth the opportunity to compete for the party.”

Another prominent leader and member of a party action committee also questioned Al-Ajiri’s statement, compared to his actions. Take the 25 seats we contested in the 2021 General Assembly polls. Many tickets are reserved for the families, children and relatives of top congressional leaders. If Aguirre was so concerned about a party in decline, he would have given those seats to deserving candidates, the true Congressional workers. So I don’t take him seriously, he cites the wrong reasons for the party’s decline,” noting that Al-Agiri himself has an interest in the status quo, while protecting the personal interests of some leaders.

AICC member and longtime Congress leader Amerikai Narayanan, who is known for speaking his mind, said that over the years, party leaders failed to fight for the party. “Even when the DMK did not have a majority on its own, congressional leaders in the state did not claim ministerial positions in the government they supported… From the party’s point of view, the top leaders who handled crucial coalition talks with Dravidian leaders often protected their interests own interests rather than the party’s interests. So, if the central leadership is accused of sacrificing the interests of the state’s unity, the state leaders have also sacrificed the interests of the party.”

Narayanan, meanwhile, added that the grim reality is that a shrinking Congress cannot win “a single seat in Tamil Nadu if it competes alone” now. Lamenting the state of the party, he said, “Like all critics of Narendra Modi called anti-national, anyone who criticizes the Gandhi family is called anti-Congress. These unfortunate scenarios have weakened the party.”

In the 234-member Tamil Nadu assembly, Congress had 18 MLAs, as opposed to 125 in the DMK.

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Sasikanth Senthil, a former IAS officer and coordinator with the Tamil Nadu Congress, said the immediate problems facing the country are “sectarianism and divisive politics”, and the alliances formed by the Congress should be seen in this light. “The reason I quit my job to enter politics is to tackle this problem through a coalition of different partners. The question is how can we come together and do better, leaving no one behind but to unite everyone. I think that is the role of Congress. The primary role of Congress is in Tamil Nadu in helping to resist the attempts of the BJP, as well as extremist Tamil nationalism.”

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