As CVSL shuts, parents struggle for alternatives for wards

Even when the management of Cathedral Vidya School in Lonavala (CVSL) decided to close the school, parents are not ready to accept it yet. They demand that the school operate for at least a year so that everyone has time to look for alternatives.

Parents said they are still recovering from the shock of the sudden closure of the school, a day before the start of the new school year. While most struggle to find alternative schools for their departments at the last minute; Many of them are trying all possible options to keep the school open.

Some even took to Twitter, urging Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra and Mahindra Group, to step in to consider his previous association with Vineet Nayyar, Vice President of School Management who was previously associated with Tech Mahindra.

A meeting was held between parents and representatives of the school administration on Monday. “It was shocking that the management had not voiced these issues before. We as parents can contribute to finding a solution. After the sudden announcement on Saturday, we asked the school management for at least a year that was not met with a positive response,” said one parent, hoping to realize Ministry of Education command.

While parents are still exploring the possibility of legal action, the focus now is to ensure that children do not miss out on academics. It is clear that many are under pressure because their school closed its doors the day before the start of a new course. “Not only is it difficult to get the same set of subjects in other schools, there are not many options for boarding schools,” said one parent.

According to many parents, schools in cities are becoming more expensive. Some are even willing to look for a buyer for the school because the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

Francis Joseph, of the School Leaders Network who has been helping parents affected after the sudden closure of the school, appealed to Anand Mahendra for his support in reviving Vineet Nayyar’s larger vision of making CVSL one of the best international schools in the country. After he tweeted about this, many supported his invitation on the social media platform.

However, according to the department, it’s not an option, “What can he do? It’s from the technology field,” said Reva Nayyar of CVSL’s Governance Council. She added that the department’s priority at the moment is to ensure that children are absorbed into other schools, and staff find new jobs, and that all salesmen working in the school are paid in full.” Priorities are addressed in this order. “Only later will we find out if there are people who want to come to help revive the school,” she said.

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