As CUET and NEET draw near, little changeover time adds to students’ worries

With the Common University Entrance Examinations (CUET-UG) taking place between July 15 and August 10, and the National Eligibility Examination (NEET-UG) scheduled for July 17, students are left with little time between the two exams to prepare for additional travel and logistical hurdles other related. The different styles of tests, scheduled close to each other, also pose a challenge.

Jeetendriya Sahoo, a student from Jharsuguda district in Odisha said, “While my NEET-UG exam center is local, the nearest CUET exam center is in Bhubaneswar. My district wasn’t even on the list of CUET exam centers in the application form. I’m sure that No matter what, I will have to travel at least five to six hours to appear for the CUET exam.If it is July 16 and I have a NEET-UG on July 17, I will first travel to Bhubaneswar, appear for the CUET exam for hours, then I’m back the same day to take my NEET-UG exam.”

Appearing for the CUET, NEET and Medical and Agricultural Engineering Combined Entrance Examination (EAMCET), due between July 14-20, Sahithi from Adilabad in Telangana also faces a similar situation. While her CUET exam center is located in Adilabad district, the closest EAMCET center I found was in Ranga Reddy district, about 350 km away.

“There is only a one-day gap between both exams. It would be very difficult to travel so far and try (two exams),” she told The Indian Express.

Students hope that the National Testing Agency (NTA) will soon issue CUET-UG admission cards so that they can make necessary travel arrangements and plan in advance. University Grants Commission (UGC) chair M Jagdish Kumar told The Indian Express that there was “no inconsistency” in the exam dates and “dates will remain as announced”.

Many aspirants are also concerned about the exam preparation strategy due to the different syllabuses and styles. Maitreyee Mondal, a 19-year-old student from Murshidabad district in West Bengal, said, “It is really difficult to administer (the exams) because CUET has different groups to choose (from). Moreover, the pressure of NEET is really difficult.”

Even though his examination centers were in the same city, “the pressure of doing well in exams was adding to the stress,” said Pawan Singh, a NEET and CUET student from Jaipur in Rajasthan.

“I am attending NEET UG for the second time and for the first time for CUET. Although I know the NEET-UG syllabus and have been preparing for some time, I have the extra pressure to make sure I am cleared NEET this year. Otherwise, societal pressure will continue to increase. Now, with CUET added to this, I feel like I’m not ready for both. But I’ve decided to focus only on NEET, and I’ll just try CUET in the hope that my previous Class 12 preparations will be helpful.”

To simplify their preparation, Toprankers CEO Gaurav Goel advised the students to prepare an appropriate timeline for the revision. Joel is also the co-founder of the exam preparation and counseling platform.

“We suggest that students stay determined on their end goal. Now is the time to build strong areas. This will help them build accuracy in the test, increasing their chances of getting a better rank. My suggestion to all students is to write the name of all chapters and topics, and mark them strong, neutral or Then make a plan to understand the concepts of neutral topics and then practice questions to master them, then practice questions with strong topics,” Joel said.

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