Army issues notification for recruitment under Agnipath scheme

On Monday, the army issued a notice of incitement to soldiers as part of the military recruitment plan in Agnipath.

The military said online registration on the force’s recruitment website is mandatory for all job aspirants under the new form. She said online registration will start in July.

The Army said the “Agniveers” would constitute a distinct rank in the Indian Army, which would be different from any other existing ranks.

In a memo detailing the scheme, the Army said last night that Agnivers would be prohibited from disclosing classified information obtained during their four-year service period to any person or source unauthorized under the Official Secrets Act of 1923.

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It added, “With the introduction of this scheme, the recruitment of soldiers into the regular cadre of the Indian Army, excluding technical personnel in the medical branch, will be available only to individuals who have completed their period of association as Agniveer.”

The military said that releasing Agnifer on a special request before the terms of engagement were completed was not permitted.
She added, “However, in most exceptional cases, employees registered under this system may be released, if approved by the competent authority.”

The Agnipath plan, announced on June 14, provides for young people aged 17-and-a-half to 21-years-olds to be enlisted for only four years with a requirement that 25 percent of them be retained for another 15 years.

Later, the government extended the maximum age to 23 for conscription in 2022. Protests erupted in several states against the center scheme. The employees to be hired under the new scheme will be known as “Agniveers”. The army said new recruits would be subject to the provisions of the 1950 Army Act, and would be liable to go wherever they were ordered by land, sea or air.

It said a “distinctive insignia” would be worn by Agnivers on their uniforms during their tenure, detailed instructions for which would be issued separately. The military said that based on organizational requirements and policies, “Agniveers”, upon completion of their period of participation in each batch, will be given an opportunity to apply for entry into the regular cadre.

“These requests will be considered in a centralized manner by the Army based on objective criteria, including performance during their engagement period and no more than 25 percent of each designated batch of Agnivers will be enrolled in a regular cadre after completion of the four-year engagement period,” According to the document issued by the army.

“Agniveers who are registered as a regular cadre will be required to serve for another 15-year engagement period and will be subject to the (for Junior Officer/Other ranks) terms and conditions of service currently in force,” he said.

The military said the Agniveers would have no right to be selected after her four-year term expires.

As part of the registration process, each ‘Agniveer’ will be required to formally agree to all of the ‘Agnipath’ terms and conditions. For employees under the age of 18, the registration form must be signed by parents or guardians, according to the document.
“Agniveers” will be eligible for 30 days of vacation per year in exchange for 90 days for those on regular duty. Medical leave will be granted based on medical advice.

The military said 30 percent of the Agniveers’ monthly salary will be compulsorily deposited into a document, and the government will contribute a similar amount.

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