Armageddon Time Director James Gray Says ‘A Bunch of Authoritarians Taking Over Planet’

The title of James Gray’s ongoing Cannes Film Festival competition, Armageddon Time, is a highly personal work that traces the director’s childhood days in Queens, New York. This is heavily woven into a strong critique of racism, white privilege, and the dangers of capitalism. About a troubled boy who discovers he’s luckier than others, including his black classmate, who becomes his best friend, work is a powerful social commentary on 1980s America.

Armageddon Time is Gray’s first film in competition since 2013 when The Immigrant came out. His last movie with a crew made up of Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway, and Jeremy Strong, began in the fall of 1980. In a tongue-in-cheek fashion, the film portrays the Trump family as characters!

At a press conference after the show, Gray relayed a grim warning. “The world is in serious trouble today…like two people who own everything and a group of tyrants trying to take over the planet.”

Sitting next to Hathaway and Strong (Hopkins wasn’t seen, I wonder why), he said he wrote the script “before a series of events including the murder of George Floyd, and his initial idea for the film was to show the layers of the whitewashed franchise in the ’80s, which (unfortunately) still remains.” exists to this day.”

“It is impossible to look at the world as it is currently constructed, at least the Western world, at least my country, which I have indicated, and I do not see white privilege as one of the guiding mechanisms that exist.”

Continuing in the same vein, Gray asserted that “the people who go to the private school depicted in the film should be seen as super-powerful privileges. It is a system in which the same group gets to the top, stays on top, and keeps everyone out. That is The system we’re running. How do you break that loop? For me, that’s the guiding question.”

He noted that there was “a lack of discourse on this systemic issue of racial and social inequalities, and he said that his film aims to show the layers of this system that require a level of oppression so that some people can get all that money.”

He continued, “I actually have no idea how to solve the issues of class inequality. You just put it in front of the audience and hope they can make connections for themselves. Joseph Goebbels thought he had an answer. I don’t feel like that’s our job as creative people.”

Gray’s films are all stand-alone dramas. He’s not a franchisee, and he criticized society’s “excessive reliance on repetition”. “We used to think of franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King; now we’re talking about it as cinema,” the director said sarcastically, provoking laughter from the audience.

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