Arjun Tendulkar features in Danielle Wyatt’s Insta story, photo breaks internet | Cricket

England cricketer Daniel Wyatt shared the Instagram story of Mumbai Indians youngster Arjun Tendulkar. The photo, which has gone viral on social media, shows Arjun, the son of legend Sachin Tendulkar, enjoying a meal in Soho, London. Wyatt, 31, who is a key part of the England women’s cricket team, shares a wonderful friendship with Arjun and has often identified with the 22-year-old.

This is not the first time the two are wandering around. Wyatt, who has played 93 ODIs and 124 T20Is for England, shared pictures with Arjun, who previously coached at the MCC Cricket Academy at London’s iconic Lord’s Cricket Stadium. Wyatt and Arjun’s friendship dates back to about 2007, when she bowled to the then 10-year-old at the Nets.

“So, I first met Sachin and Arjun at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Maybe in 2009 or 2010 when I was with MCC young cricketers and they were training at the Nets. I literally went to the Nets and said hello and I introduced myself as Danny. He’s so young, there’s a photo of him somewhere on Google, I bowled to him that day, he’s so good. Since then, when I hit Sachin or Arjun or whenever they come to Lord’s training, I go to the Nets and ask him (Arjun) to bowl a new ball for me. ” Told me.

Daniel Wyatt shared this photo of Arjun Tendulkar on his Instagram story.  (Danielle Wyatt / Instagram)
Daniel Wyatt shared this photo of Arjun Tendulkar on his Instagram story. (Daniel Wyatt / Instagram)

“But he is going so fast right now. He always says I bounce off you and slap your head, so I don’t like bowling to him. He’s too dangerous to deal with (laughs). He’s a beautiful family. Arjun’s mother is also beautiful. Recently I was at the World Cup. I have hit Sachin in Australia and I am happy to see him whenever I see him.

Wyatt is a very popular man in India and has expressed his admiration for former captain Virat Kohli. He has previously engaged in funny social media banners with spinner Yuzvendra Chahal.

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